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The Government Board of the Bilbao City Council on 10th August 2011, has awarded, for the amount of €3,185,000 + VAT, the contract for the drafting project and carrying out of repair and/or construction work on the walls and structures of the Bilbao Ria on the Urazurrutia Quay.

The work adjudicated include the implementation of the reconstruction and/or repair of the walls and structures of the Ría de Bilbao on the following stretches:

  • Urazurrutia Quay (between the junction with Avda. Azkatasuna and nº 7-9 of C/Zamakola).
  • From nº 1-3 on the Merced Quay to the car-wash on the Siervas de Jesus Quay (below nº 6 on C/Bailén).
  • From the Atxuri station in the Ibeni Quay to Calle Ribera nº 9, in front of the school group in the Múgica municipal.
  • Paseo de Uribitarte from the City Council Birdge to the exit of the municipal car park in the Pío Baroja plaza.
  • Ribera Botica Vieja from the Venerable Hno garden. Garate Lorategia until the pilot experimental institute.

Each stretch has its differences given that some stretches are piloted structures and others are masonry walls on sheet piles of wood or supported on concrete with little rock content.

In piloted structures, such is the case of the Paseo Uribitarte, a new reinforced concrete structure will be built with foundations by means of piles in situ of 1.00m in diameter and prefabricated joists upon which some pre-slabs of prefabricated concrete will be supported, creating a total slab-depth of 30.00cm.

In the Urazurrutia Quay gravity walls, underpinning will be carried out on the masonry wall by constructing a breakwater foot, as a foot berm, in front of the footing, preventing erosion at this point and increasing the passive to improve overall stability. Whereas in the gravity walls in the rest of the quays, Merced Quay, Ibeni Quay and Ribera Quay, will be have concrete RECLADES, filling out the empty areas between the sheet pilings, therefore providing the main part of the underpinning.

Finally, in Ribera de Botica Vieja an underpinning with micropiles of 34.00m in length will be carried out, as an entry into the masonry wall has already occurred.

The total length of repair or reconstruction of the edge is 1,433.97m. taking each quay to be as follows: Urazurrutia Quay 360.00m, Merces Quay 158.00m, Ibeni and Ribera Quay 680.00m, Botica Vieja Quay 34.00m and Paseo de Uribitarte Quay along with the City Council Bridge 190.00m.

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