• Backed  up by over 80 years of experience
  • Backed  up by over 80 years of experience
  • Backed  up by over 80 years of experience
  • Backed  up by over 80 years of experience
  • Backed  up by over 80 years of experience
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1927 The company "Construcciones Carlos Moyua" was set up. Its work as a small-scale general building contractor was mainly carried out in the municipality of Oñati (Gipuzkoa).
1956 The geographical area was widened and they began to work in more municipalities in the valley of Deba, at a time of great economic development in Gipuzcoa - particularly in the cooperative world.
1964 With the awarding of the dredging of the Motrico port to Moyua, there began an extensive growth in offshore construction projects and the company became one of the strongest constructors in its sector.
1968 In January of this year, the private company became a public limited company, taking on the name of Moyua Constructions S.L. and putting its roots in the very same village of Oñati. It is from this moment that the Society expanded its area of operation to the influential capital of Guipuzcoa and gradually it extended to other zones in the Basque-Navarre area; here it began to experience a noticeble increase in its activity levels through the contracting of new large-scale and technically complex construction projects.
1977 Moyua Contructions began building the first hypermarket in the Basque Country (Mamut Shopping Centre in Oiartzun). Since then, various companies in the sector have continued to count on the collaboration of Moyua to construct their shopping centres.
1983 The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa awarded Moyua the construction of the road from Oñati to the sanctuary of Arazazu (their first important road construction).
1988 Larrain, S.L. was set up. Its social objective was the promotion of independent real-estate.
1994 It is founded Bycam the investee company whose purpose is the construction of all types of works in general, civil engineering and building.
1998 Being awarded the work of the Artxanda tunnels in Bilbao marked the start of a new business area for the Group: Administrative Franchise.
2001 All the shares of the investee company Bycam Servicios Edificios e Infraestructuras is acquired.
2005 The Geotunel, S.L. participating Society was set up, whose main social objective was construction, maintenance and repair of all types of underground construction and tunnels. It was at this time that they first ventured into diversification into other business areas, such as real-estate promotion, franchising, and the services that required commercial and organisational restructuring, and this resulted in the creation of Moyua Group Development S.A..
2009 Controlling interest is gained in Orsa Excavations and Transportations, S.A., a company dedicated principally to road surfaces and pavements.
2010 In this year the Activa M&O Construction society was established to deal with the international South American market. At this time, construction activity was developed in Brazil, Peru and Colombia.
2011 The commercial division VN Argelia S.A was set up to handle construction work in Algerian territories.
2012 It is Moyua Real Estate Colombia as a subsidiary of Larrain, SL, sole shareholder, and whose activity is the development of real estate projects in Colombia
2012 It is Serkom services company, Moyua Group Management and Services, SL (100% Moyua Group) dedicated to the provision of Maintenance and Conservation of any kind of infrastructure.

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