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Euskotren inaugurates the new Durango Station that will be open to the public on December 17. 'Operation Durango' is the underground covering of the train from the Iurre neighbourhood of Santa Apolonia to the town of Berriz, thus eliminating 27 level controversial level crossings. Its unfolded tracks now increase the frequency of trains between Durango and Bilbao. As initially programmed, the complete works will end between April and May 2013.The station, designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid, is currently 90% finished, and will be completed and open to the public in December. The uniqueness of the design of the station raised some technical issues during its construction, issues which have been resolved satisfactorily during the past two years, fully respecting the original project. The shopping area and car park will be awarded in September and parking should be accessible when the station becomes operational.So, the trains will be running underground before the end of the year, although the civil works will be finalised in "April or May" 2013. The completion of the underground will allow Durango to remove seven level crossings in the town and yet another twenty, between Euba and Lebario. The works will also free up 60,000 square meters that are currently occupied by garages and workshops


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