• 75,070  M3 of embankments to create platforms
  • 12,738  M2 of frontage of frontage and external closures with panels and partition walls
  • 9 way parking
  • Trainwash lines and measuring wheel dock
  • 67 030 M3 excavations for platform building
  • 4000 m3 of reinforced concrete structural elements
  • 1085110 KG of  S275 steel in  main structure
  • 1955 ML monoblock track
  • 2112 ML crib track
  • One halt, two reinforced earth walls, one wall of poured concrete, 14000 m2 urban built up area...
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Grupo Moyua,www.moyua.com



Irún. Guipuzcoa. Spain



Project deadline

20 months


Construction of Depots and Workshops in Araso for ETS



Main Details

Depot area: 9 carriage depot tracks  - Workshop areas: 9 carriage depot tracks  - Paint track. Two painting pit areas - Lathe track.  One lathe pit - Lifting tracks and bogie cleaning booth  - Inspection pit - Bogie holding tracks - 4 bogie rotation platform - Workshop area (area of work stations) - Mobile material storage area - Electronics Laboratory - Technology Laboratory - Latching room - Sub-station Room + CGBT - Office area  - Track depot external area: Track depot - Cleaning train and wheel measurement - 2 Coil collection track - Access road track next to the lines - 2 infrastructure maintenance warehouse tracks - infrastructure maintenance warehouse - Wheel measurement equipment - Sand silo of 20 m3 and supplies - Coil collection zone and working shed - Infrastructure collection area - Waste product warehouse - Roads, paving and parking areas - Other structures: Donostia-Irún Line Station for the new train maintenance base - Overpass over the Donostia-Irún Line

Technical Specifications 67,030 M3 of excavation to create platforms - 75,070 M3 of embankments to create platforms - 4,000 M3 of reinforced concrete HA-25 in structural elements - 1,085,110 KG of steel S275 in the main structure - 15,705 M2 covered by sandwich panel - 12,738 M2 of frontage and external closures with panels and partition walls - 6,424 M2 partitions and screens as internal separators - 1 overpass in HA-25 double beam T and prestressed concrete - 1 station with foundations in HA-25 and a metallic structure - 2 reinforced earth walls - 1 concrete wall in situ - 14,000 M2 of urbanized area - 1,955 ML of track from monoblock on ballast - 2,112 ML of cradle type track - 372 ML other types of track - Catenaries - Pumping Station

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