• 808,539.06  ML S355JO steel in metallic box structures
  • 262.85  M2 reinforced earth prefabricated wall of h<10 m
  • 409.97  M3 reinforced concrete HA-30
  • 1,317.62  M3 concrete in walls and slabs
  • 1,677.00  ML removal and subsequent demolition of prefabricated beams
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Donostia - San Sebastian. Guipuzcoa. Spain



Project deadline

15 months


Vitoria/Gasteiz-Eibar Motorway Stretch: Arrasate (North) - Bergara (South) South Sub-section


Donostia-San Sebastian City Council

Main Details

Mixed concrete-steel section viaduct with a prefabricated panel of two boxes with an identical pressure surface positioned on each of the independant roads  on the sections where both roads pass separately coming together from the point where they both meet. The place where they both come together is 23.20m wide and separates progressively after the first pile until it converts into two independent panels of 13.70 m and 12.20 m in the  entry and exit directions respectively.  The edge of the metallic box is 1.20m with a curved pressure surface with a 35m radius, definid, consists of three webs, two separated laterals 6.40m and one central, 0.50m borders are positioned here, upon which connective bolts are placed with the top slabs. Stiffening diaphragms are positioned with radical configuration crossways every 3.0m.  The supports have a steel box-girder which carries the load of the supports. Laterally there are extensions with overhangs on metallic ribs with a double T section found every 3.0m coinciding with the diaphragms; the inferior flange connected to the curved sheet of the box pressure surfaces . There is a concrete slab on the metallic section, of 30cm total thickness, connected lengthways to the box. The panel rests on piles of reinforced concrete, forming a V shape on the spans where the panel is single and foundations are carried out on 1.25m pile caps,  1.00m and 0.8m in diameter.

Technical Specifications

808,539.06 Ml of S355JO steel in metallic box structures - 2,563.50 Ml pile excavations  d=100cm - 3,258.00 M2 concrete screen wall, 1.00 metre - 550,166.53 KG corrugated B500S steel bars - 2,563.50 ML pile d=100cm+HA-30 - 451,227.46 KG b/corrugated B500S steel - 611.49 M2 concrete beams in bridges - 27,365.00 M3 excavation  in dozing and clearing - 1,318.14 M3 reinforced concrete HA-30 - 11,193.34 M3 of embankment or rockfill quarry - 1,676.01 M3 HM-20 concrete - 1,317.62 M3 concrete in walls and slabs HA-30 - 52,162.15 KG    rolled steel - 1,048.50 M3 concrete in foundations HA-30 - 895.08 - M3 concrete in piles and panels HA-40 - 1,806.00 M2 demolition of surface slabs of prefabricated beam panels - 1,677.00 ML removal and subsequent demolition of prefabricated beams - 1,429.85 M2 panel of anti-noise lining - 1,173.89 M2 limestone plating - 700.99 TN bituminous mix D-12 - 3,065.00 M2  flooring HM-20 - 2,828.82 M2    prefabricated 90mm pre-cast concrete slab - 409.97 M3 reinforced concrete HA-30 - 262.85 M2 reinforced earth prefabricated wall of  h&lt;10 m - 566.00 ML  piles - 312.00 unit  HIT-RE 500 type anchorage - 262.50 M2    screen of piles.


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