• 46m  long and 6m wide viaduct
  • Underpass  12.3 m span and 17 m wide
  • 172,655  m2 land clearance
  • 805,774  m3 of earth and rock excavations
  • Arched  Bridge 355 m long and 24 m wide
  • Anterior
  • Siguiente
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Bilbao. Biscay. Spain.



Project deadline

26 months


Provincial Council of Biscay


East Bilbao Link Road Stretch: San Adrian - Ibarsusi.  Sub-Stretch: San Adrian - Miraflores

Main Details

1 Viaduct 46 metres long and 6 metres wide with two 23 metres spans c/u, made from concreted panelling and prestressed "in situ" - 1 Arched Bridge 355 metres long and 24 metres wide with a 12 span panel 30 metres long c/u, concreted and post-stressed "in situ" with light-weight concrete of a constant thickness of 2.5 metres, resting on  an arch of poststressed concrete 180 metres of span and 105 metres tall, with a variable thickness of 2 to 30 metres constructed in successive and poststressed corbels using the Freyssinet method - 1 Bridge 20 metres long and 17 metres wide with a single span with a concreted and post-stressed "in situ" panel, with 2 metre thick slabs built using complete and poststressed formwork and shuttering using the Freyssinet method - 1 Underpass 12.3 metres of span and 17 metres wide, formed with 9 units of prefabricated prestressed double T beams of 0.8 metres edgeways.

Technical Specifications

172,655 m2 land clearance  - 805,774 m3 Earth and rock excavations - 466,900 m3 Embankment - 12,505 ml Screen piles h=8-12 metres and p= 4-6 metres - 12,505 metres of driving lane of 45 Kg/m h=8-12m p= 4-6 metres - 24,000 tonnes of bituminous mixes - 4,000 metres of double wave security barrier.

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