• Moyua Group is present in Romania through ORSA ASFALT and MORSA
  • Winter Maintenance with specialized equipment
  • Stabilized for widening of road in Medias Zone, Sibiu - Sighisoara road
  • Compaction of aggregate in road widening at Sacel Intersection, Sibiu - Sebes road
  • Milling at Sacel Intersection, Sibiu - Sebes road
  • Material extended through Protek method, Sibiu - Sighisoara road
  • Excavation for widening at Sacel Intersection, Sibiu - Sebes road
  • Hard shoulder milling for road widening, Sibiu - Sebes road
  • Stabilized for widening of road in Danes zone, Sibiu - Sighisoara road
  • Widespread material for road widening firm in Medias zone, Sibiu - Sighisoara road
  • Demolition of shoulder in widening of road at section Obiect 03 Km 346 +200 - Garboya
  • Asphalt plant facilities in Sibiu
  • Asphalt plant and park machinery in Sibiu
  • Pavement stabilized with cement for road widening, Danes zone Sibiu - Sighisoara road
  • Truck fleet of construction at park machinery in Sibiu
  • Asphalt milling machine in the park machinery at Sibiu
  • Asphalt arid Gathering in Sibiu
  • Asphalt Widespread of road widening, Sibiu - Sebes road
  • Excavation Work with milling, Bratelu zone
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Excavations and Transportation ORSA, in its strategic plan, recognised the importance of expanding its area of activity to other countries, choosing Romania as a country with predicted strong economic growth and big investments in infrastructures with the assistance of  European funds.
ORSA ASPHALT and MORSA developed construction works in Romania, choosing SIBIU city as the location for its production plant and business headquarters.
It started work as the sub-contractor of the large European companies,  Strabag and Vectra, working with them as a specialist in manufacturing and laying asphalt mixes, taking part in the construction of the Sibiu site. It has signed collaboration contracts with local companies  such as SC.CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE  SISTEM, UTILAS CONSTRUC, TERRA BUILDING, SC ELIS PAVAGE - sometimes for supplies and on other occasions for carrying out surface operations.
It has been appointed by the SIBIU City Council to carry out reinforcing and renovation works on surfaces in the TILISCA area; these works  have been in operation since September 2011 and are being  financed and monitored by European funds.

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